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Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree

Photo © Drew Reese


Mojave Desert Land Trust works collaboratively with the following partners to develop planning and educational programs for the protection of the desert.  Please visit their websites to learn more.

Morongo Basin Open Space Group (MBOSG)

The Land Trust is a member of the Morongo Basin Open Space Group, a public-private initiative to develop long-range planning guidelines that will preserve sensitive desert habitat as the Morongo Basin grows.  MBOSG has been instrumental in the coordination of the Morongo Basin Wildlife Linkage Designs, created by South Coast Wildlands.  The Wildlife Linkage Designs provide valuable information on wildlife habitat and movement in the Morongo Basin and are meant to encourage community development that preserves open space for wildlife corridors.  For more information about the MBOSG, its members and goals, please visit  For more information on South Coast Wildlands, please visit

Copper Mountain College (CMC)

The Land Trust and Copper Mountain College partnered for the acquisition of 30 acres of tortoise habitat within the Morongo Basin to fulfill CMC’s requirement for mitigation from its expansion plans.  For more information about CMC, please visit

Desert Managers Group (DMG)

The Desert Managers Group was established as the forum for government agencies to address and discuss issues of common concern.  The California Deserts are vast, and approximately 80 percent of the desert, or 25 million acres, is publicly owned and includes two national parks, one national preserve, six military bases, 72 wilderness areas, 14 state parks and extensive holdings of public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management.  Conflicting demands for use of California desert lands make it imperative for governmental agencies to work cooperatively in support of agency missions, protection of desert resources, and public use.  Through cooperative management each agency achieves greater operational efficiency, enhances resource protection, and the public is better served.  Mojave Desert Land Trust participates in this forum to better understand agency processes and to educate them on ours.  For more information about DMG, please visit

Conservation Land Acquisition Work Group (CLAWG)

Mojave Desert Land Trust is a member of CLAWG, a working committee under the Desert Managers Group (DMG).  Many DMG agencies are currently undertaking conservation land acquisition programs.  While each program is unique, all share the common goals of protecting cultural resources, habitat for sensitive species and providing open space.  To meet these goals, acquisition programs across the desert must be coordinated in order to be strategic and maximize limited program funding.  For more information about CLAWG, please visit

Painting © Diane Best

Landscape painting of the great Mojave Desert by Diane Best.

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