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Drew Reese

Community Support

Community Support Saves Land!  As the first land trust in the country to focus on the Mojave Desert, we work to continually foster community support to broaden our conservation impact and engage new people.  Mojave Desert Land Trust now has more than 1200 members, including local residents and desert lovers across North America.  Members volunteer as Land Stewards for land monitoring and habitat restoration projects, educational outreach and fundraising.  Our members are critical to our success and contribute generously to the Land Trust’s capital campaigns and programs.

The Mojave Desert is a land of wonder, from the Badlands of Death Valley, to the Kelso Dunes of the Mojave National Preserve, to the Wonderland of Rocks in Joshua Tree National Park. Within a few hours drive of 40 million people, the Mojave Desert is a refuge of endless vistas and star-filled night skies, home to rare and magnificent creatures like the bighorn sheep, desert tortoise, mountain lion, badger, bobcat, and is an important nesting area for a vast array of birds.  With the relentless push of development in the fast-growing West, the threats to this unique and priceless living heritage are greater than ever.

Community support helps protect the Mojave Desert ecosystem and its scenic and cultural resource values.   Please join us in preserving our precious desert wilderness for current and future generations to enjoy.

Painting © Diane Best

Landscape painting of the great Mojave Desert by Diane Best.

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