Mojave Desert, Joshua Tree
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Mojave Desert, Mojave Desert Land Trust

Photos © Drew Reese


The Goals of Mojave Desert Land Trust are:

Land Conservation and Stewardship
To protect and care for lands with natural, scenic and cultural resource values in the Mojave Desert using a full range of conservation tools, strategies, and partnerships.

Education, Outreach and Communications
To effectively communicate the significant value of the Mojave Desert ecosystem to a broad based audience, and to promote its protection and preservation.

To work with land conservation agencies and organizations, partners, local governments, and landowners to conserve the Mojave Desert.

To support Mojave Desert Land Trust’s land conservation, education, and day-to-day financial needs with consistent and broad-based funds.

To maintain a well-managed and professional organization with an effective board, adequate staff, and engaged advisors, committees and volunteers.

California Desert Vision

It is the year 2030. The California Desert is a vital ecosystem of interconnected, permanently protected scenic and natural areas that host a diversity of native plants and wildlife. Views and vistas are broad. The air is clear, the water clean, and the night skies dark. Cities and military facilities are compact and separated by large natural areas.

Local residents, visitors, land managers, and political leaders value the unique environment in which they live and work. They understand the natural processes and cultural resources of the California Desert as well the impacts of global climate change upon the Desert ecosystem and collaborate on land use and management activities that allow for adaptation under changing climactic conditions and protect the California Desert for future generations.

Painting © Diane Best

Landscape painting of the great Mojave Desert by Diane Best.

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