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“The Land Trust’s effort to acquire these 955 acres significantly assists the Park with our efforts to consolidate and perpetuate the ecosystem of the area.”

- Curt Sauer, Superintendent of Joshua Tree National Park

This is a rare opportunity to preserve a healthy ecosystem

“These 955 acres were never grazed or developed, and they form pristine habitat and crucial wildlife corridors for animals like tortoises, bobcats, and bighorn sheep. This land is national park quality, and deserves to be protected for our children and grandchildren.”

- Mike Cipra, California Desert Program Manager for the National Parks Conservation Association

Our partners in the Quail Mountain Project:

Joshua Tree National Park
Copper Mountain College
National Parks Conservation Association
Joshua Basin Water District
Joshua Tree Chamber of Commerce
Defenders of Wildlife
Morongo Basin Conservation Association

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What is the Quail Mountain Project?

The Quail Mountain Project encompasses 3 parcels totaling 955 acres of pristine wildlife habitat in Joshua Tree, CA.  This beautiful land sits adjacent to the northern boundary of Joshua Tree National Park and is comprised of Section 11 and half of Section 13 in the Joshua Tree Highlands area; one of our most scenic hillsides on the south side of Joshua Tree.

Mojave Desert Land Trust recently acquired this critical wildlife corridor hosting a diverse population of wildlife that includes bighorn sheep, bobcat, desert tortoise, coyote, and dozens of bird species to name a few.  This undisturbed habitat is an extension of the Quail Mountain ecosystem.

Protecting this natural area conserves the habitat and wildlife with critical watersheds that extend north from Quail Mountain, thus offering future generations the beautiful landscapes, clean air, dark skies and quality of life that serve us all.

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Diane Best
Landscape painting of the great Mojave Desert by Diane Best.

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