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“The parcel is important both for the wildlife and botanical resources on-site (e.g. desert tortoise and thousands of mature Joshua trees), as well as for the critical role it plays as the cornerstone of a habitat and wildlife linkage between Joshua Tree National Park and other public lands to the north, including the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms.”

- Brendan Cummings, Senior Counsel and Public Lands Director, Center for Biological Diversity

Section 33

Protecting this land is important for the people who live in Joshua Tree. It will help protect those qualities which make Joshua Tree such a unique place.”

– Alex Size, The Trust for Public Land

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Photo by Vera Topinka

About The Gateway Parcel, Section 33

Mojave Desert Land Trust and The Trust for Public Land have been working for nearly two years with our partners the 29 Palms Marine Base, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the California Wildlife Conservation Board to protect a key parcel within the Joshua Tree North Linkage, Section 33.

With the support of our partners, members, and supporters,
we have successfully completed the acquisition!

The Gateway Parcel, Section 33 welcomes residents and visitors with iconic views of Joshua Tree National Park at the town of Joshua Tree’s entry points. This acquisition preserves tens of thousands of Joshua trees and other native plants, and provides important wildlife habitat for many species of animals, including burrowing owl, desert tortoise, bobcat, American badger, prairie falcon and kit fox.  This land also provides centrally located open space for the school children across the street and surrounding neighborhoods, where they can walk their dogs, go hiking, ride their horses, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The $1.4 million acquisition was made possible through funding provided by the Department of the Navy on behalf of MCAGCC and the California Wildlife Conservation Board on behalf of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.  In addition to these funds, public and private donations to the Wildlife Linkage Campaign helped cover the remaining acquisition costs, as well as the costs associated with closing illegal access roads and removing dump sites and debris.  In February 2013, we conducted our first phase of restoration by removing 41.7 tons of illegally dumped debris and installing people/wildlife-friendly fencing to prevent further dumping on the land.

There is much more to do to protect Section 33! Your financial contribution is needed to clean-up the land, restore key habitat areas, monitor the land in perpetuity and develop trails and educational programs.


The Joshua Tree North Wildlife Linkage connects Joshua Tree National Park to the 29 Palms Marine Base to the north. This linkage provides nature with room to roam by allowing animals, plants, water, and soil to move naturally between these two protected areas. Find out more about the Joshua Tree North Linkage and the Wildlife Linkage Campaign here.

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